Very long time off and no serious training at all

I’ll  be bac… I mean I am back

So I took long time off but I’m back.

What did I do in the meantime? Well I didn’t go to any triathlon races…not even running races. I just stopped competing completely. Did some training though, but not much. Some running 1 or 2 times per week 6 km and that was basically it. I was just too dedicated to business. Trying to create a startup out of some ideas I had, but life got in the way.


I already know for some time that I have a raised level of cholesterol. I tried to avoid medication as much as possible. After discussion with a doctor I accepted to try them for 3 months. After that period I stopped taking them again.

According to MDs there are two types of cholesterol – good one and bad one. I had quite good level of good cholesterol. When I started missing training sessions it went down, so here is the new push to start training again.

Trying to tri

I also miss triathlon and 6 pack (not beer) is on my bucket list, so there. Here we go again.

There is a short pause since I have knee trouble (again), but this time it was overuse (apparently since opinions differ) and I have a hole in my right knee, so waiting for it to heal.

But planning started and I also have some bodyweight workouts to do every week, but this is one for new post. Still – why bodyweight you ask?

You see, I was doing some work related traveling which included being driven by bus or even plain (not that often, but it’s not really important) and chugging weights was not an option. The other thing was that I wasn’t able to pick a place to stay, so I was sometimes in sub par hotels without gyms or fitness rooms. What  to do? Here comes a rescue in bodyweight exercises.


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