TrainingPeaks. What’s it good for?

Absolutely everything 🙂

I’m just half kidding. You see, it is really a long time ago I started using TrainingPeaks. When I “upgraded” my running I really wanted to see how far I have ran.

The best solution was to get GPS watch, I just could not get myself to run with the GSM. Anyway – I bought Timex Ironman  GPS Global Training.

Here is the new shiny watch, but how to get data from it? It was the first time I have heard of TrainingPeaks. Yes, is is really a long time ago and since I didn’t really know what to do with data and used it just to see how long and how fast have I ran I somehow hated it. A lot of possibilities and I just didn’t know how to use them.

After some time of using TrainingPeaks and reading about it I decided to try with Premium (payable) option and used it for a year.

I am currently, again, on free version and people from TrainingPeaks have also upgraded the application to a nice App version (as they call it). The reason I ditched the Premium has nothing to do with TrainingPeaks. I just could not get myself to train as I wanted and thought – why pay for a service I don’t use, but it looks like things are going to change. I want to use possibility of creating a workout library and create a weekly plan depending on work I have to do during the week and my feel on Sunday.

Creating workout library is (of course) available only in Premium edition. Oh, well…

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