Running watches counting steps vs GPS enabled ones

Wearfit K1 watch

You got to have it

Every self respected runner (or triathlete) must have a running watch. Bigger, the better. Not to mention the watch has to have GPS or way to measure how many steps you took.

It was nice while it lasted

I was talking about what I have in TrainingPeaks post some time ago. It was a nice watch, although bulky. Why was? It started with bad battery. It barely lasted 6km run (and I wasn’t that slow, thankyouverymuch). So I already started looking for better (new) options.

I don’t think it’s worth it.

But the GPS watches are pricey. I don’t think they are worth that much.

So there I was looking for a watch with a possibility of connecting it with the mobile. After some searching I found Wearfit K1 watch(affiliate link).

It took some time to arrive (as it is usual with Aliexpress orders) but after a month or so – it was it my mailbox.

K1 watch is mine, it is all mine

Tried it for some time ….well, until the battery was drained. I would love to say that the user interface is very intuitive. Well, it’s not. It took me some time to understand how I can change watch faces and how to go through different modes.

Oh, there goes the battery

During the initial charging the watch started to act weird. No charging and watch not starting. Wrote to the seller and they said there is a problem with a batch of watches and they will send me a new one.

After additional month of waiting the 2nd watch arrived. I also installed wearfit app on my Huawei to see how the connection works.

And …. the battery …. still lasts

The 2nd watch is still on my wrist … when I use it. You see, there is a “quality of sleep” part of the wearfit app (and watch) which I don’t use. I turn the watch off and put it on the shelf.

But the whole story leads to a “counting steps” part. Whenever I did a run at home I knew the length of my usual circle, but when running “in the unknown” I never knew the length I ran.

Counting steps, what it’s good for

The circle I run is around 6 km (it’s more of a 5.5km) so I tried the K1 on it to see how counting steps really works in comparison to GPS. Especially since the terrain is not really running track, but more of an off road experience (a lot of ups and downs through the woods).

The result was great. The result was consistent with the GPS which actually surprised me. So really – I don’t see a point in using GPS watch (unless you use it for cycling) and I can remove zero from the price tag which is good 🙂

There is one thing. I don’t have any training journal and I don’t follow my heart rate during training. But you can get the heart rate if needed from the application.

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