Meniscus tear

Deutsch: Bakerzyste MRT sagittal. Verbindung z...
Deutsch: Bakerzyste MRT sagittal. Verbindung zum Gelenk nicht mit abgebildet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In case you wondered why no publications and thought the blog is dead … it is not :). But I now know what is going on with my right knee.

You see – I had severe pain when standing up from squat (and rotating the knee). Went to doctor, she sent me to specialist and he sent me to MR.

MR showed bucket handle tear and Baker’s cyst.

So – no running, although after some rest I can even manage to run without pain, so I wonder if it would be ok :). But I can cycle (I’ll do it indoors) and swim (waiting for local indoor pool to open).

I am also waiting for another appointment with specialist on 26th. Counting days :/

After everything is well and done I plan to do intensive Chi running to really work on running form. Need to relieve knee.


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