Meniscus tear

Deutsch: Bakerzyste MRT sagittal. Verbindung z...
Deutsch: Bakerzyste MRT sagittal. Verbindung zum Gelenk nicht mit abgebildet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In case you wondered why no publications and thought the blog is dead … it is not :). But I now know what is going on with my right knee.

You see – I had severe pain when standing up from squat (and rotating the knee). Went to doctor, she sent me to specialist and he sent me to MR.

MR showed bucket handle tear and Baker’s cyst.

So – no running, although after some rest I can even manage to run without pain, so I wonder if it would be ok :). But I can cycle (I’ll do it indoors) and swim (waiting for local indoor pool to open).

I am also waiting for another appointment with specialist on 26th. Counting days :/

After everything is well and done I plan to do intensive Chi running to really work on running form. Need to relieve knee.


Knee, again

English: Front side of the left knee.
English: Front side of the left knee. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The knee is getting better, but still no running for me. I resorted to a lot of strength workouts. Also added some workouts for legs, but I really need to be careful.

I already decided to try cycle yesterday, but was too late and the sun was just too hot, so today was the right day. It went smooth as silk and had no knee issues. What is even better is that I managed to include speed workouts and raised speed to 40 km/h. Yeeeahhhaaa.

All this running and strength work is finally showing.

Competing in heat

English: Everyone take a drink
English: Everyone take a drink (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not sure what is new in guidelines. They are repeating more or less known facts:

  • acclimatisation (at least one week, experts recommend two weeks, but your milage may vary)
  • drink with added sodium (salt) – I still tend to drink when the aid station appears or when I feel thirsty. Although I see more and more recommendations to drink before thirst. Oh, well.
  • use external cooling (ice, pouring water …)
  • cooling down before and after the event


Getting back to training. Some strength, running as much as possible and it’ll be cycle in a few minutes.

Flu made me think: according to Brett I need to think about supplementing on probiotics to get my system bulletproof. I will be looking into it, since I can’t afford to get sick again. Not to mention you feel like s**t.

Training or not, that is a question

English: The face of a black windup alarm clock
English: The face of a black windup alarm clock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went for a run on Wednesday, continued with cycling session on Thursday and running on Friday.

Took the Saturday off and since I was working on that day – it came handy. Unfortunately work involved a lot of standing so I already had some aching leg muscles, but nothing major, so the plan was: running on Sunday, again.

And then the Saturday night came and I went to bed after setting an alarm clock for 7 am, to start a morning run… but during the night calf cramps appeared in my left leg and they stopped only if I was lying on the side.

After waking up (before the alarm clock) I just removed the settings for the alarm at 7am since legs “told” me, not to go for a run.

When waking up in the morning I used Horse balm for the calf and ate pumpkin seeds for magnesium. I would use magnesium pills or ointment, but have nothing in the house (need to buy some :)).

Anyway – might go for a run, tomorrow :)

Warming up, stretching and muscles

Collage of varius Gray's muscle pictures by Mi...
Collage of varius Gray’s muscle pictures by Mikael Häggström (User:Mikael Häggström) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have heard recommendations to stretch before a workout, which sounded a bit odd since I always took stretching as a relaxing activity and the last thing I need before workout is relaxing muscles (not talking about mind here).

Some time ago I talked with an osteopath ( also masseuse, teacher …) and he confirmed my suspicion (not to mention peer-reviewed articles). To start an activity you need to fire up muscles with warming up and stretching should come at the end of the workout.

So there – and I even saw a video recently talking about stretching hamstrings before a run.

Oh, well.

GI issues and triathlon

Left: sweet cider. Right: apple juice.
Left: sweet cider. Right: apple juice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe the title “GI issues and running” would be better, since I get GI issues mostly when running…. although swimming after eating dairy product is a no no too.

When training I tend not to eat at least two hours before I go for a run. I usually go for a run in the middle of the morning and breakfast is already far far away, so I’m good with that.

I also found out that going for a run immediately doesn’t help with my run, but it helps with getting me fast to home :/

So during the time I am training I don’t really think about sport drinks and other sport related beverages, foods and stuff I don’t even know where they come from. I was wondering what to eat when I did my first 21k and if I remember correctly I tried to eat gel (got it free).

With gel, or anything you want to eat, during a race you really need to experiment during your training, just to see how the stomach is coping.

But …

…the word on the streets was that you don’t need to eat anything during first 2 hours of running and since I managed to squeeze in 21k in 2 hours .. voila. Perfect for not eating during the run… and IT WORKS. And since I hate eating artificial stuff, or at least, stuff that are really far away from the “real food” it was really good. But since I’m currently preparing for marathon (and olympic triathlon) I guess I will have to look into “let’s get something beside water” and I will have to try mixing water and honey or water and apple juice. Honey or apple juice should be in really small ratio to water (to 6% or something).

As I said – testing, testing, testing. The first test will be with long, long cycling tour.


Swimming and shoulders

Sjsu swimming pool
Sjsu swimming pool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I wrote in one of my previous posts I need to work on my swimming and with current swimming pool situation it is a real pain in the area “where sun rarely shines”.

So when I have time I try to do as much swimming as possible. I know that is not smart, I know it is not the way to do it, but it’s just the way it is.

Anyway – when doing rare but long swim trainings in the pool I have a shoulder pain and I already have a plan to create a daily mobility routing, but I didn’t get there yet.

My first idea was to do boxing bag workout, but talking to my trainer friend, it is not really a good idea, since different muscles are used for that.

After some googling I found nice article about shoulder pain with some crucial workouts for that.

I just need to add that to my daily routine :)

Oh, and for workout with elastics – I will use old bicycle inner tube (in line with my budget way of doing a triathlon :) ).