Knee surgery and time off

English: Front side of the left knee.
English: Front side of the left knee. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had relatively long time off. Finally did the knee surgery, although I hoped it won’t be necessary, but MR showed that the damage was done and no other solution is currently possible.

Anyway – I lost 35% of right meniscus so the question was: what now? There is a possibility of  early aterosclerosis. After discussing different ideas with doctor we came up with solution: do a lot of stability work and try to improve running form.

So here we go. I try to train with a trainer (first time for me, since I’m self trained) for stability work. Due to time issues I’ll do some training at home.

Started running without a problem and also swimming where I can’t do breaststroke so it is free style all the way.


parallel squat
parallel squat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nice take on squats. Why they are good. In short they:

  1. Prevent injuries
  2. Help in the real world
  3. promote regularity
  4. help maintain mobility
  5. are multi-functional body workout.

Currently – due to meniscus tear I’m not doing deep squats, but since I’m going to doctors office in few days – hopefully I’ll be back to training in no time :)


Meniscus tear

Deutsch: Bakerzyste MRT sagittal. Verbindung z...
Deutsch: Bakerzyste MRT sagittal. Verbindung zum Gelenk nicht mit abgebildet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In case you wondered why no publications and thought the blog is dead … it is not :). But I now know what is going on with my right knee.

You see – I had severe pain when standing up from squat (and rotating the knee). Went to doctor, she sent me to specialist and he sent me to MR.

MR showed bucket handle tear and Baker’s cyst.

So – no running, although after some rest I can even manage to run without pain, so I wonder if it would be ok :). But I can cycle (I’ll do it indoors) and swim (waiting for local indoor pool to open).

I am also waiting for another appointment with specialist on 26th. Counting days :/

After everything is well and done I plan to do intensive Chi running to really work on running form. Need to relieve knee.


Knee, again

English: Front side of the left knee.
English: Front side of the left knee. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The knee is getting better, but still no running for me. I resorted to a lot of strength workouts. Also added some workouts for legs, but I really need to be careful.

I already decided to try cycle yesterday, but was too late and the sun was just too hot, so today was the right day. It went smooth as silk and had no knee issues. What is even better is that I managed to include speed workouts and raised speed to 40 km/h. Yeeeahhhaaa.

All this running and strength work is finally showing.

Valgus colapse

X-rays images of Valgus deformity
X-rays images of Valgus deformity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When doing squats I suffer from valgus colapse and on the last day of our camping vacation I busted a right knee. Not sure what happened, but something between getting up to fast and rotating it.

Anyway – I limp now … and it hurts … and I can’t move that fast. Not to mention not doing squats :(. Solving the problem with a lot of ice and horse cream, but I’m looking into solutions to the problem.

Found a great tutorial with workouts.

Competing in heat

English: Everyone take a drink
English: Everyone take a drink (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not sure what is new in guidelines. They are repeating more or less known facts:

  • acclimatisation (at least one week, experts recommend two weeks, but your milage may vary)
  • drink with added sodium (salt) – I still tend to drink when the aid station appears or when I feel thirsty. Although I see more and more recommendations to drink before thirst. Oh, well.
  • use external cooling (ice, pouring water …)
  • cooling down before and after the event


Getting back to training. Some strength, running as much as possible and it’ll be cycle in a few minutes.

Flu made me think: according to Brett I need to think about supplementing on probiotics to get my system bulletproof. I will be looking into it, since I can’t afford to get sick again. Not to mention you feel like s**t.